Terms and Conditions

1. “Sunnah Shop” website

Upon entering the “Sunnah Shop” website, the following Terms and Conditions which have been mentioned below must be obeyed strictly.

In the following, the term ‘user’ pertains to the individual(s) browsing the “Sunnah Shop” website and the individual making a purchase. The term ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘provider’ pertains to the ‘Sunnah Shop’.

2. Customer Info

2a. The user should constantly check the information that is provided before the user makes any accounts or placing any orders.

2b. The user is obliged to preserve your own account’s login details.

2c. The user should assure that the user’s account details are kept securely with him/herself and not provid it to any other third party user.

2d. The user is responsible for all actions within the account in all circumstances.

2e. The user must immediately let the “Sunnah Shop” admin know of any third party breech that the user has no knowledge of, this can be done either by emailing “Sunnah Shop” and we will try to act as soon as possible.

2f. The user must be over the age of 18 years.

3. Customer Privacy

3a. The seriousness of the user’s privacy will be taken heavily by “Sunnah Shop” as we acknowledge the Data Protection Act 1998. For more details do not hesitate to see the “Sunnah Shop” Privacy Policy.

4. Item Info (Title, Pricing and Quantity)

4a. “Sunnah Shop” will consistently be aware of item information, if however an error occurs with the item information “Sunnah Shop” have the full right to eradicate the user’s order or arrange another way for the user to purchase the item whether it may be adding an extra sum or giving back a sum of an over due payment. This will be done by “Sunnah Shop” contacting the user by the given information of the user.

4b. The user must be aware of extra costs of postage and packaging as this dependant on the weight of the item(s). “Sunnah Shop” will make it clear that all prices on postage and packaging will be updated before the order has taken place.

5. The User’s Order

5a. The user after purchasing an item from “Sunnah Shop” will automatically receive an email to the email account the user has provided to “Sunnah Shop”

5b. The user, when recieved the email must then know that “Sunnah Shop” has accepted the order for the item that has been purchased by the user and will dispatch the item to the address that the user has provided ”Sunnah Shop”.

5c. “Sunnah Shop” will mention the order’s title and full pricing in the email for the specific item(s) the user has purchased

6. Cancellation, Returns and Refunds

6a. “Sunnah Shop” has the full rights to eradicate an order that has incomplete information, no identification of age and assumption of fraud by the user.

6b. If the user is certified to take a refund it will be sent to the specified user’s payment plan that was used in the present of purchasing that specific item. “Sunnah Shop” will not however refund a third party that has not been informed before the transaction that has been placed by the user.

6c. The user must know the Consumer Protection 2000, the user has full rights to cancel an order before the transaction takes place.

6d. The user must be aware that “Sunnah Shop” does not give out warranties, “Sunnah Shop” will not warrant items from error or defects.

7. Shipping Info

7a. “Sunnah Shop” will by all means send the item as soon as possible to the present user’s address details, provided to “Sunnah Shop” by the user.

7b. However, depending on the item that is being shipped, delivery days can take between 3-14 working days.

7c. If an item chosen by the user is out of stock, “Sunnah Shop” would mention that before any transaction, or it will be under the category of pre-order, in which case delivery can take between 7-21 working days.

7d. “Sunnah Shop” will take special notice for fragile objects at delivery times.

7e. “Sunnah Shop” cannot be held responsible for problems occurring during the delivery operations. Every item that “Sunnah Shop” posts will have evidence such as a receipt of the item sent to the user, this is easy to see that the responsibility will be held on the shipping company. The user in this case has a right of tracking items, “Sunnah Shop” will send all the details of the shipping in the confirmation email.