Baraka Jointsafe (Healthy Joints & Cartilages) with Black Seed Oil Capsules

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Baraka Jointsafe is a combination of Black Seed Oil and natural Glucosamine, which is found in almost all human tissues but is high in concentration in the Liver, Kidney and Cartilages. It is useful in treating Osteoarthritis which is a result of wear and tear of joints and helps relieve joint pain and stiffness.

Black Seed has a history of 2500 years. This makes black seed one of the safest plant extracts for human consumption. Black seed is an adaptogen which means an agent causing adaptive reactions. Black seed has the ability to increase the resistance of the human body, protecting it against various diseases. Clinical trials have shown that Black Seed Oil controls Blood Sugar & Cholesterol apart from many other diseases and is considered to be one of the greatest healing herbs of all times.

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Storing Instructions

Store below 25o C. protects from moisture and light Keep container tightly closed. See pack for expiry date.




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