Digital Colour Coded Pen Quran


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Quran Read Pen Improves reading skills for all learners - Maintains the flow of reading as students & non-Arabic people encounter unfamiliar words. Use the Quran Read Pen as your reading assistant anywhere, any time. This versatile device may improve Holy Quran Reciting skills dramatically. With the auditory support provided by the Quran Read pen, frustration and embarrassment disappear.

 Both struggling and fluent readers rapidly improve their skills in: Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension Spelling Pronunciation Academic vocabulary Grammatical structure Salient Features: Recite the complete Aya by touching anywhere on the Aya text Recite the whole Sura by touching the Sura title Recite the whole page by touching on the page number Re-touching the Aya /Sura /Page will again recite the particular parts for memorizing purpose Recording voice for comparison of Holy Quran Recitation User Can select the Reciter’s voice as per own choice Selection of audio translations in different languages like:

English, Urdu, Persian & French voice translations Storing and playing MP3 files Support TF cards to extend memory for MP3 or new Reciter’s voices Specifications: Clear and loud sound from the built in speakers Beautiful Pen with built-in speaker & built-in lithium battery.

Smart design 4GB built-in flash memory PC connection.

USB allows the user to connect with the PC User-friendly designed, high quality voice working temperature: -45 to +45 Effective working time after fully-charged: over 6 hours It will automatically power off if not in use for 3 minutes Packing Details:

Pen Size: ergonomic 13.3cm x 3cm x 2cm, Complete Unit weight: 1.2kg (including Box & all accessories) Package Accessories: Charger Earphone User Manual USB cable Batteries: Built-in Li batteries

Quran Size: A4