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Khalis JAWAD AL LAYL. Khalis perfumes believes in offering a wide range of unique products, catering to the fine taste of its valued customers and a range with its luxurious in every manner, yet it is highly economical Khalis Perfumes warmly welcomes you as it embarks On a journey to reach new heights in its quest to enrich and enliven the sense of its clientele through offerings of finely crafted and exotic fragrances with the highest quality of ingredients. 

Khalis Perfumes Jawad Al Layl Khalis Perfumes Jawad Al Layl is a fragrance that feels warmth and endless languor. Unisex perfume will appeal to many who prefer oriental perfumery. 

Notes of the beginning: a fruit fountain in the midst of hot weekdays or winter ice. 

Middle notes: the joy of happiness and evening tone of spices and vanilla. 

Final note: a lot of musk.

    • Brand: Khalis
    • Target Group: Unisex
    • Size: 18ml
    • Fragrance Type: Perfume Oil
    • Fragrance Family: Oriental, Floral
Other Detail Notes
  • Country of Origin: UAE

- Extremely long fragrance of 8-12 hours, the aroma of elegance, sophistication and charm.

- Ingredients 100% Original, no alcohol, no irritation to the skin.
- Each use just a small drop is enough for you to smell good all day long.