Laeqa | Concentrated Perfume Oil 12ml | By Naseem


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Laeqa | Concentrated Perfume Oil 12ml | By Naseem

Type: Women's Fragrances
Belongs to: IntenseFloralFruityMusky fragrances


Fruit lure in conjunction with musk and fresh mint is another of the pleasantly folded fragrances from Naseem. 

The beginning is carried on sweet tangerine and juicy pineapple tones. Another fruit lure with blackcurrant is added, combined with the subtle purity of musk musk. Then comes a wave of herbal floral delicacies with a mystical duo of lavender and lemon grass. Vanilla with a beautiful, dusty chord is restrained by a touch of wind - mint. 

In the end, there is an extraordinarily seductive tone of lavender with warming from precious trees and a fading pineapple wave.